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  • Deactivate Background Process And Check Syncing Applicationsc Some applications like cloud apps (Google storage apps) run by synchronization with their internet source while other applications like the calendar do not. These applications also reduces the performance of android phones. Users should endeavor to search their device for such applications which run in the background using the settings icon. Such apps should be deleted or uninstalled if they are not useful for better output.

    John Doe

  • Flush Off The Cache Cache are usually created by most regularly used applications but they also reduces the performance of android phones. It is therefore, necessary for android phone users to regularly delete cache created by each application.

    Jane Doe

  • This is the easiest way to improve the operational efficiency of most android phones. The cache can be deleted by clicking the settings icon on the phone, then click on application menu, select the application with the cache and click on "clear cache". It automatically deletes the cache. Prefer A Superior Class Of Memory Card

    Jack Doe

  • Memory cards can be used for performing several functions such as installation of apps, storing audio, video and text files. Therefore, users should choose a memory card of larger capacity and that which belong to class category of 6th to 10th. Keep Lesser Widget Widgets are essential tools in android phones, they can be used for keeping tracks of important tasks, events, schedules etc. Excess widgets on android phone will negatively affect its performance, therefore eliminate some of them before it limits your phone's performance.

    Jill Doe

  • Do Not Use Live Wallpapers Android wallpapers are beautiful and enticing but its requires extra effort from the processor thereby reducing its battery life. Therefore, limiting the use of wallpapers helps to retain the android phone's battery life. Conclusively, if the points mentioned above are carefully followed, it will enhance the performance of android phones.

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Lin Center


Lin Center


Lin Center


Lin Center



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Memory cards are incorporated into android phones to provide more storage space for apps and other data. Memory cards can be used to support android phones with lower internal memory. Storage capacities of memory cards ranges from two gigabytes to thirty-two gigabytes.


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